(1.)Full-Bodied Chocolate Mooncake Gift Box

*Caramel Almond Chocolate Mooncake
*Cappuccino Hazelnut Gianduja Chocolate Mooncake
*Macadamia Chocolate Mooncake

$480/Box (6/Pcs ,28G/Pc ,Two of each flavor) 

(while stocks last.)

Mid-Autumn Festival package discount: 
▲ Free shipping for Two box, delivered to your home! ▲ 5% off for two boxes, 10% off for three boxes, 15% off for four boxes or more (Online system will automatically calculate)
Sealed packaging, decent gift, enjoy for personal use
Storage method: need to be refrigerated at 4 degrees (room temperature can be stored for three hours)
Sale date: August 15th to September 30th

HK$ 480.00