(1)ÉCLAIR Full Set (60 Pieces) (Package Promotion)

AOP Sandwich Croissant Full Set (36 Pieces) (Package Promotion)

(7) Egg Tart Full Set (84 Pieces) (Package Promotion)

Our Story

Ohlalagout Limited is one of the most popular and soulful dessert online stores in the local area, and has ventured into the French baking retail industry since 2019.

By combining éclairs and Danish pastries with different ingredients from around the world, the styles are unique and the flavors are more suitable for the Asian palate, without losing the essence of French baking.

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Made with fresh ingredients and presented exquisitely, as we believe that "great products make for great endings."


Except for remote areas, when you spend a certain amount, you can enjoy free delivery. We have a professional fleet of vehicles to ensure the safety and hygiene of the transportation process.

French Style

Our chefs use French baking techniques, French flour, and butter to make our desserts. You can taste the authentic French flavors here.

Step inside and let the aroma of fresh pastries and breads enchant you.