About Us

Brand philosophy

Excellent products require a sense of the soul. Ohlalagout's aim is to provide customers with a retreat that brings relaxation and joy through our products and services. We want our customers to not only enjoy exquisite, high-quality cuisine, but also to feel happy, relaxed, and a little bit sweeter. We believe that "good products create good outcomes."

"Éclair" Series

In French, "éclair" means "lightning," describing how quickly one can devour the pastry. The éclair features a soft outer shell and a rich filling.

Ohlalagout has taken the classic French dessert to the hearts of its customers by incorporating innovative flavors and designs into its éclair offerings. Since then, the bakery has been striving for innovation and producing creatively playful éclairs.

"Danish" Series

We use "T45 Champion Competition Flour" from Les Grands Moulins de Paris, one of the oldest and most prestigious flour producers in the world. It is renowned as the most famous flour family in Europe, dedicated to producing high-quality French flour.

We use "Isigny Ste Mère AOP fermented butter" from France, certified by the AOP Protected Designation of Origin. It is made according to traditional methods, without adding or removing anything from the butter.

We use milk entirely from the Isigny region of France, with a perfect proportion of 82% fat content. The pastry is especially crispy and has a unique hazelnut flavor and rich creamy aroma, making it an exceptional top-quality butter!

French Tart Series

We infuse French elements into our tarts, elevating them to a whole new level. With our exclusive egg-water recipe, the filling is rich and smooth, providing a distinct sensation whether enjoyed at room temperature, warm or frozen.
The tart crust is made with layers of crisp and flaky pastry, with visible and distinct layers. The result is a delightfully crispy and delicious crust.